Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL)

is a Hypnotherapy technique that utilizes deep states of hypnosis to access your memories of your experiences as a soul. Life-Between-Lives is a methodology created by Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. 

  The LBL process, also called Spiritual Regression, allows you to connect with your SOUL-SELF. it offers us an opportunity to examine our lives from the Soul’s perspective in understanding our purpose.  We address the age old questions, “Who Am I?” “Why Am I here?”and “Where do I come from?”.

  When we are in communication with our true selves we are able to understand our karmic behavior patterns, relationships, and our overall journeys thru the many incarnations that have brought us to this junction in our lives. 

  This process is here to help us integrate this information that always lies within us but often forgotten into our everyday lives so we can align ourselves with the true purpose of our life and free us from unnecessary pains and fears.


How to prepare yourself for a Life Between Life session:

  LBL sessions are extremely profound and potentially life changing, so it is usual for the client and therapist to set a side a significant part of the  day to work together. The client should expect to be in trance for about four hours. The LBL session is usually experienced as a journey, remembering the trip back "home" after a previous incarnation. Because the sessions are lengthy and require a deep state of relaxation, it is important that we have developed rapport. I want to make sure that you feel safe, secure and can relax into the process.

  Schedule a Past Life Regression Session with me prior to your Life Between Lives session. The Past Life Regression (PLR) session is required and an important step in reaching Spirit World as it is the moment of transition that takes you to the higher realms. However, a PLR also provides an opportunity to learn about yourself, beliefs, karmic issues and emotions unaccounted for in this life. It will also give us an opportunity to create trust, rapport and see how well we work together. A PLR can be a very valuable session in itself. You can also book a past life regression without committing to a Life Between Lives session. 

  Relaxation and a calm mind is essential for a rewarding regression or Life Between Lives session. Letting go of preconceptions, expectations and previous experiences or knowledge will allow you to have a genuine experience. In fact, the ability to let go and simply be with and in the experience is a hallmark of a significant LBL or regression session. If you are an analytical individual or are currently experiencing much stress in your life I highly recommend a daily practice of relaxation, visualization and stress reduction. If you would like some assistance with this I am available to speak with you regarding your own unique situation or concerns as well as open for session that will prepare you for the best possible LBL experience.

  Cast of Characters -  Create a list of people in your current life from your past and present. This “cast of characters” should be the people who are important to you - family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, mentors, lovers, spouses and children. Include anyone who has helped to shape your life, positively or negatively, in a significant manner. List their name, their relationship to you, some information about how you feel about that person, and a few brief words that describe their character. This entire sheet should be brief and consist of people who have had the most impact on your life.

  Questions - Create a brief list of Question that you would like to have answered during the Life Between Lives session, this is an opportunity for you to ask about the relationship in your life, career and goals as well as any physical conditions that you would like to create clarity around.

It is my goal that you experience the best session possible, please contact me for rates and with any questions or concerns so we can help you in your path of healing and growth.

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